Biden Outraises Trump, But at What Cost?

President Joe Biden’s approval ratings may be plummeting, but that hasn’t stopped the cash from rolling in. In a surprising turn of events, Biden managed to out-raise former President Donald Trump by more than double in the last financial quarter. While Democrats are quick to celebrate this fundraising victory, it’s important to consider where this money is coming from.

Biden’s campaign proudly boasts of the $72 million they collected between April and June, a figure that is nearly equal to their already impressive savings of $77 million. The donations came from over 400,000 individuals and about 670,000 donations in total. But let’s not forget that a significant portion of this money comes from big donors and special interest groups who expect something in return.

The New York Times even highlighted the fact that Biden is heavily dependent on large donors, just like every other career politician. Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, a major Biden donor and co-chair of his campaign, predicts that small-dollar contributions will increase as the campaign heats up. But isn’t it ironic that the president who claims to represent the working class is relying on wealthy elites to fund his campaign?

In contrast, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis raised only $20 million in the same period, and a majority of his support comes from wealthy donors. It seems like the Democratic Party’s narrative that they are the party of the people is just an illusion. They rely on big money just as much as the Republicans, if not more.

While Biden’s fundraising success may seem impressive on the surface, it’s important to question the motives behind these large donations. Are these donors expecting favorable policies or even special treatment? The American people deserve a president who is truly independent and not beholden to wealthy interests.

So, as Biden’s approval ratings continue to sink, his fundraising prowess remains intact. But let’s not forget that money can’t buy popularity, and it certainly can’t buy the trust of the American people. Perhaps it’s time for Biden to focus less on raking in the cash and more on delivering results for the American people. Only time will tell if his wealthy donors will be satisfied with their return on investment.

Written by Staff Reports

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