Biden Panders to Woke Mob With Claims of ‘Most Dangerous Terrorist Threat’

President Joe Biden recently gave a speech at the historically black Howard University that left the conservative Republican party astonished. The President made a shocking and outrageous claim that white supremacy is America’s “most dangerous terrorist threat.” This kind of divisive rhetoric is what’s destroying this nation.

The President seems to be giving into the woke mob and playing into identity politics. White supremacy is not a threat, it is a boogeyman created by the left to blame white Americans for every issue in society. This is not the first time President Biden has used his position to spread baseless claims. During his inaugural address, he also stood “against the poison of white supremacy” yet provided no context or evidence to back up his statement.

This is the first time in history that we have seen a president use a commencement speech as a platform for his political beliefs. It’s disappointing that President Biden has chosen to use these events to divide Americans further. Our country is divided enough, and it’s up to us to come together and work towards unity instead of widening the gap.

The FBI crime statistics show a different story than President Biden’s outrageous claims. In reality, whites are more often victims than perpetrators of interracial killings. White criminals murdered just 303 non-white victims, while 566 white victims were killed by attackers from a different racial background. So, why is President Biden spreading lies? The answer is simple; he wants to promote division and play into the left’s identity politics agenda.

Let’s hope that the President will start working towards unity instead of promoting divisive agendas. America does not need more racism; we need more understanding and compassion towards one another. It’s time to come together as a nation, not be divided by false claims and politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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