WATCH: CNN Cuts Off Interview After Migrant Makes Inconvenient Admission

CNN has once again shown how they prioritize their biased narrative over the truth. In a recent interview, a migrant admitted crossing the border illegally because of the expiration of Title 42. However, when this migrant revealed the real reason for his crossing, CNN immediately ended the interview.

The end of Title 42 has brought nothing but chaos and danger to our southern border. It has created an environment of extenuating circumstances, majorly threatening the safety of US citizens. Now, nearly 400,000 migrants are trying to cross the border every month, thanks to Biden’s lax immigration policies.

Biden’s recent decision to end Title 42, which was used to send back illegal immigrants to their home countries, only fuelled the fire. With this new policy, the Department of Homeland Security started sending illegal border crossers into the US with Notices to Appear in federal immigration court. However, several of these court dates have dates years away.

It is no surprise that Biden’s recent poll numbers have hit the rock bottom, as the American people are not happy with Biden’s decision to invite chaos and mayhem to the borders. A new YouGov survey found that only 17 percent of Americans want to see Biden in office for another four years as nearly 60 percent say he is not a strong candidate.

It’s time for Biden to wake up and put the safety of American citizens first. The border crisis can lead to a massive surge in crime and violence. Americans deserve better, It’s time to tighten the borders and take strict action.

Written by Staff Reports

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