Biden Pours Millions Into Ukraine’s Water, Ignores East Palestine Woes

President Joe Biden is patting himself on the back for spending “tens of millions” of dollars on clean water for Ukraine, but he still hasn’t made the time to visit the disaster zone in East Palestine, Ohio. Talk about misplaced priorities! While Biden is busy boasting about his aid to Ukraine, residents in East Palestine continue to suffer from water contamination caused by a train derailment last year. It’s astonishing that the president can prioritize the needs of a foreign country over the needs of his own citizens.

During a press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Biden emphasized the importance of defending Ukraine from Russian aggression. He proudly mentioned the coalition of over 50 countries that are supporting Ukraine and claimed to have provided humanitarian aid, including clean water, to “tens of millions” of people. It’s all well and good to support other nations, but shouldn’t our own citizens come first?

Meanwhile, in East Palestine, the cleanup efforts are still ongoing. Homes and businesses are being cleaned up due to the contamination, but the president remains absent. Biden had promised to visit the town in March, but it seems he has conveniently forgotten about that commitment. When pressed about his broken promise, Biden fumbled for excuses, claiming there’s too much going on and he has other international obligations. It’s clear where his priorities lie.

Columnist Joe Concha summed it up perfectly when he accused Biden of doing an “end zone dance” over providing clean water for Ukraine while ignoring the needs of his own country. It’s a disgraceful display of misplaced priorities and a failure to fulfill the duties of the office. East Palestine deserves better than a president who is more interested in virtue signaling on the world stage than actually taking care of his own people.

Written by Staff Reports

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