Biden Probe a Flop? Raskin’s Dismissal Raises Eyebrows!

House Oversight Committee ranking member Jamie Raskin is on a mission to combat the investigations and possible impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. In a lengthy memo obtained by the Washington Examiner, Raskin argues that House Republicans’ probe into Biden is a desperate attempt to distract from former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles. He dismisses the evidence gathered by the Republicans and asserts that it fails to demonstrate any wrongdoing by Biden. Raskin also pushes back against the impending impeachment inquiry, stating that it would require a full House vote.

Raskin’s memo further dismisses allegations that Biden received money from foreign entities, despite extensive evidence that his son, Hunter Biden, and other family members profited from foreign oligarchs and companies while Joe Biden was vice president. The memo accuses House Republicans, led by Congressman James Comer, of engaging in a “complete and total bust” of an investigation. Raskin argues that the evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates no wrongdoing by President Biden and debunks Republicans’ conspiracy theories.

While it is evident that Hunter Biden capitalized on the “Biden brand” and used his family connections to secure financial benefits from foreign entities, Raskin maintains that no evidence links this to Joe Biden. He argues that the Republicans’ focus on the Biden family and their contemplation of an impeachment inquiry is merely a distraction from Trump’s own legal issues.

Raskin quotes statements from Trump in the memo, where the former president called for investigations into Joe Biden and his subsequent impeachment. However, recent polling found that a significant portion of Americans believe that Joe Biden had some involvement in his son’s business dealings, with 42% even believing he acted illegally. Regardless of Raskin’s assertions, it appears that the investigations and findings resonate with voters.

As a conservative Republican news writer, it is clear that Raskin’s memo is nothing more than a weak attempt to shield President Biden from scrutiny. The evidence uncovered by House Republicans suggests potential conflicts of interest and raises valid questions about the Biden family’s financial dealings. It is essential that these investigations continue to uncover the truth and hold President Biden accountable for any potential abuse of power. The American people deserve transparency and accountability, not efforts to sweep these serious allegations under the rug.

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