Hillary Clinton Targeted: Deranged Man Behind Bars!

The US Secret Service apprehended a man from Illinois who made death threats against prominent Democrats, including former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. The individual, identified as Adam Mouser, 39, of Jacksonville, was apprehended after he made numerous menacing messages toward multiple individuals.

In response to the murder of a man who threatened Joe Biden on Facebook, Mouser took to the social media platform to share his thoughts. He threatened to murder the victim's family members and posted a disturbing message.

In addition to making vile remarks about the former president and his wife, Mouser also stated that he would rather have a steak dinner with both Clinton and Obama. He stated that he would have both of them in his pockets to fully utilize their soft meat capabilities. It's clear that he is a disturbed individual who has a real threat.

A group of federal agents was able to track Mouser to his home in Jacksonville. Upon reaching his doorstep, he greeted the officers with hostility and confessed that he made the posts. He also claimed that his free speech rights were protected.

An arrest warrant was then obtained, and Mouser was apprehended. He was charged with making death threats against the former and current presidents and other individuals who are protected by the US Secret Service. Currently, he is in the custody of the Sangamon County Jail awaiting a decision regarding his bail.

Hopefully, the judge will see sense and keep Mouser away from the streets. We must not allow individuals like him to spread hate speech and endanger the lives of law enforcers and leaders.

Written by Staff Reports

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