Secret Service Nabs Lib Loon Threatening Dems

The Secret Service Just Put an Angry Illinois Man Behind Bars for Threatening Hillary Clinton and Other Prominent Democrats

Well, well, well, folks. Looks like another liberal loony has been caught red-handed. The Secret Service recently nabbed a 39-year-old man named Adam Mouser from good ol’ Jacksonville, Illinois, after he decided it was a brilliant idea to threaten some of our finest Democrats. What a typical move from someone who clearly has too much time on their hands.

Let’s break it down, shall we? Mouser didn’t just target one Democrat. Oh, no. This genius thought it would be a grand idea to threaten Hillary Clinton, President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, former President Barack Obama, and even our law enforcement. I mean, talk about ambition! But I guess when your head is filled with liberal nonsense, you’ll say just about anything to get attention.

Now, this clown didn’t have the audacity to keep his threats to himself. Oh, no. He took to his favorite online platform to spew his hateful rhetoric. You know, because actually engaging in thoughtful political discourse is just too difficult for people like him. Mouser made some lovely posts online that caught the attention of the Secret Service. Lucky for us, screenshots were taken because most of us normal and decent people don’t have the time or desire to dwell in the dark corners of the internet.

In one delightful post, Mouser wrote about wanting to use his “bar f****** hands” to murder President Biden and then put a bullet in his wife and son. Classy, right? But wait, there’s more! He even had the audacity to threaten law enforcement in some of his other posts. Clearly, Mouser doesn’t have an ounce of respect for authority or the rule of law. But hey, that seems to be a common trait among the left these days.

Thankfully, federal law enforcement officers tracked this menace down to his home in Jacksonville and paid him a little visit. I can only imagine the shock on his face when the Secret Service showed up at his doorstep. According to reports, he was “very hostile” and had the nerve to admit to his sickening posts. I guess he thought he was untouchable. Well, turns out the First Amendment doesn’t protect threats of violence, buddy.

After a warrant for his arrest was obtained, Mouser was finally taken into custody. He’s been hit with charges of threats against the president and former presidents, as well as certain other individuals protected by the Secret Service. Let’s hope the judge handling this case has some common sense and keeps this lunatic locked up. We don’t need any more ticking time bombs roaming the streets.

So there you have it, folks. Just another day in the life of a deranged liberal who thinks they’re above the law. Thankfully, the Secret Service was on top of their game and put a stop to Mouser’s dangerous antics. Now, it’s time for our justice system to do its job and make sure he faces the consequences of his actions. Stay tuned for the inevitable liberal outcry claiming he’s some kind of martyr for free speech. I’m sure that’ll be a real treat to witness.

Written by Staff Reports

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