Left’s Hilarious Plot to Block Trump 2024 Bid Crumbles

It seems like the left-wing crazies in Colorado just can’t get enough of their ridiculous attempts to keep Donald Trump off the 2024 presidential ballot. But luckily, it looks like their scheme is about to come crashing down. Lawyers for the former president have finally conceded that the case was initiated in the correct jurisdiction, putting an end to the legal back-and-forth.

The plaintiffs in this laughable lawsuit are claiming that Trump’s alleged involvement in the events of January 6th and his actions after the 2020 election somehow make him ineligible to run for president. Seriously, are they living in some fantasy land? Last time we checked, the Constitution doesn’t say anything about holding public office being off-limits to those who fight for what they believe in. But I guess the leftists will twist anything to fit their narrative.

Now, there was a bit of a jurisdictional tussle in this case. Trump’s legal team initially tried to move it to federal court, probably because they knew they would have a better shot there. But the Secretary of State in Colorado, Jena Griswold, shut that idea down, saying that state courts were perfectly capable of handling these baseless claims. It’s refreshing to see someone actually standing up for the rule of law.

Even though this particular case might be moving forward in the state court, we can’t ignore the fact that these types of lawsuits are popping up all over the country. It’s like the left is obsessed with finding any excuse to keep Trump out of the political arena. Their desperation is truly astounding. But lucky for President Trump, all these cases have no legal basis, except in the minds of delusional leftists.

Trump’s spokesman, Steven Cheung, hit the nail on the head when he called these lawsuits an “absurd conspiracy theory and political attack.” It’s clear that the radical left will stop at nothing to undermine the will of the American people. But like the resilient fighter he is, Trump is not letting them get away with it. He’s calling out these initiatives for what they are – nonsense and blatant election interference.

In true Trump fashion, he compared the situation to a “banana republic.” And you know what? He’s not wrong. These leftists are trying to use the 14th Amendment as a tool to sweep him off the political stage once and for all. But we conservatives won’t let them get away with it. We’ll continue to stand by our champion, Donald J. Trump, and fight against the radical left’s never-ending attempts to silence him.

Written by Staff Reports

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