Biden Reels from Debate Flop as Dems Doubt and GOP Readies Attacks

President Joe Biden is undoubtedly eager to forget last week, as it was filled with enough missteps to give a stunt double a run for his money. The nation was treated to a front-row seat to a debate debacle against former President Donald Trump that left Democrats scrambling for damage control, which was conveniently timed around the Fourth of July holiday for anyone who was trying to escape the chaos for a brief moment of fireworks and BBQ.

As much as Biden would like to shake this one off, the calls questioning his competence aren’t going anywhere. With Congress returning to Washington D.C., the noise from within his own party is bound to turn into a deafening clamor. House members, who likely enjoyed the long recess as much as any American, couldn’t help but express their concerns about Biden being their best bet to face Trump in November. And with everyone back in one building, the whispers of doubt will turn into shouts.

Even Biden’s bullpen isn’t standing strong. Senator Mark Warner’s attempt to rally a cohort of senators to suggest Biden take a seat in favor of a fresh candidate has lost steam. While the senators are publicly at least putting on a brave face for Biden, House Dems seem to be abandoning ship faster than rats from a sinking barge. Reps. Jerry Nadler, Adam Smith, Mark Takano, and Joe Morelle have joined forces with other Democrats to urge for change at the top of the ticket. Even some have admitted to believing Trump has the edge for a November victory.

And if Biden was hoping for a silent endorsement, that idea is as out of reach as a dropped penny down a well. Rep. Jim Clyburn's once steadfast ally opted out of his usual Sunday news show appearances, drawing more attention than if he had shown up. Clyburn, pivotal in securing Biden’s 2020 nomination, suggests loyalty to Biden-Harris but is notably evasive when pressed on specifics.

And then there’s the business at hand — Congress is returning to legislation's grindstone. House Republicans are readying their pitchforks against Biden’s policies and aiming for some of his prized regulations. This week, they’re set to debate bills that play to their base, including efforts to curb regulations on household appliances – an issue that surprisingly found some sympathy across the aisle during past discussions. With Democrats in disarray, the GOP is probably wondering if some misplaced alliance might actually yield results.

Finally, the Senate has the annual circus of federal spending looming large. Senators are eying a budget fight like a lion eyes a gazelle, but it’s a race against time.
They’ve got until October 1 to avoid the age-old embarrassment of a government shutdown. This year’s election also complicates matters, with tensions bound to rise higher than a helium balloon at a kid’s birthday party. While senators like Patty Murray and Susan Collins might play nice in public, the pressure cooker of spending decisions remains unpredictable.

In other news, polls show growing support among Latino Democrats for more control at the border, and across the pond, UK’s Keir Starmer is stumbling over the issue of transgender rights. Meanwhile, back in the U.S., speculation is rising about Trump’s VP choices, and Biden’s personal physician’s frequent trips to the White House might not just be house calls.

It’s shaping up to be another classic week in Biden’s America, with House Republicans gearing up for a legislative brawl and Democrat infighting showing no signs of slowing.

Written by Staff Reports

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