Democrats Scrap Key Meeting Amid Biden Reelection Turmoil

Looks like the Democrats are having a bit of a meltdown. Plans for a meeting led by Senator Mark Warner to shore up support for President Joe Biden’s reelection bid were abruptly called off, according to multiple reports. This illustrious gathering of Senate Democrats was supposed to address Biden’s less-than-stellar debate performance and growing discontent among House Democrats who are calling for him to step down from the ticket. But, lo and behold, once this “private” meeting hit the public airwaves, it was scrapped faster than Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Apparently, Warner saw the writing on the wall after Biden’s debate debacle and decided it was time for some damage control. But leaks have a way of spoiling even the best-laid plans, don’t they? Democrats just can’t seem to keep anything under wraps these days. A source informed Axios that hosting a private meeting became “impossible” once the cat was out of the bag. So much for secrecy and trying to herd cats in a divided party.

Despite the chaos, Senate Democrats will still have their regularly scheduled luncheon on Tuesday, where they presumably will enjoy a nice rubber chicken while attempting to ignore the 800-pound gorilla in the room: Biden’s shaky reelection chances. Over in the House, Democrats will dutifully gather for their weekly closed-door meeting, where no doubt, even more grumbling and hand-wringing will ensue.

With the Democratic National Convention looming in less than six weeks, the ticking clock adds another layer of tension. Should Biden get shown the door, Democrats have to hustle to ensure their new candidate gets on the ballot in every state. Time is not on their side, and if history is any guide, this process will be messy. Perhaps the DNC should start a reality show, “Democrat Dash,” where candidates scramble to pick up the pieces of their fractured party.

And let’s not forget, there’s an elephant in the room—pun intended. Other Democrats are predicting Biden will lose to former President Donald Trump, which only adds to the imminent sense of doom. The Democrats might want to spend less time worrying about leaks and more time tending to their sinking ship. Red October, anyone?

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