Iranian Destroyer Sinks in Port, Again Highlights Naval Incompetence

In a recent incident that unfolded like a scene from a bad sitcom, Iran’s supposedly mighty destroyer, the Sahand, found itself in a rather embarrassing situation. The pride of the Iranian navy, this advanced warship ended up taking an unplanned plunge to the depths of the port it was docked in. Not due to a daring military strike or a tactical maneuver gone wrong, but simply because someone “lost its balance” and forgot to close a door, causing the vessel to slowly fill with water and capsize into the muddy waters below.

This debacle adds to a string of unfortunate incidents for Iran’s naval fleet, which seems to have a penchant for sinking without much external assistance. The Damavand, an Iranian destroyer, met a similar fate in 2018 when it struck a breakwater and rolled over in the Caspian Sea. More recently, in 2021, the Kharg faced a fiery end, burning for 20 hours before slipping beneath the waves in the Gulf of Oman. It seems like Iran might need to invest in some basic maritime safety training for its sailors.

The irony of a ship named after a mountain losing its balance and ending up underwater is not lost on observers. The Sahand was meant to showcase Iran’s shipbuilding prowess and intimidate its adversaries with top-of-the-line weaponry. Yet, it now lies submerged, awaiting a salvage operation that will hopefully involve closing doors securely this time around. Iran’s ambitions to expand its naval capabilities to include submarines might need a bit more attention to detail if they want to stay afloat, both literally and figuratively. 


This latest mishap serves as a reminder that grandiose displays of military might mean little if basic maintenance and operational procedures are overlooked. Perhaps Iran should focus less on naming its vessels after majestic landmarks and more on ensuring they don’t end up as underwater attractions for marine life. The Sahand may rise again, but for now, it’s a cautionary tale of hubris meeting a watery end.

Written by Staff Reports

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