Biden Remains Supportive of Hunter Despite Arraignment Saga!

President Joe Biden is continuing to support his son Hunter Biden after Hunter pleaded not guilty to felony gun charges. Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, stated that the president loves his son and will stand by him as he rebuilds his life. Although Joe Biden has a light public schedule, Jean-Pierre declined to share any private conversations between the president and his family members. She emphasized that the investigation into Hunter’s charges is being led by a prosecutor from the previous administration, and therefore, the White House will not comment further.

It’s not surprising that Joe Biden is standing by his son despite his legal troubles. Family loyalty is important, but it raises questions about potential conflicts of interest and whether Hunter is receiving special treatment due to his father’s position. This situation also highlights the need for transparency in the Department of Justice investigation. The American people deserve to know that justice is being carried out fairly and independently, regardless of who is involved.

Written by Staff Reports

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