Biden Report Backs Israel, Finds No Grounds to Cut Military Aid

In the latest report released by the Biden administration concerning Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, it was stated that there is a belief that Israel may have violated international law. However, no specific instances were found to justify withholding military aid to Israel. This decision shows a strong support for our ally, Israel, in their fight against Hamas.

It is important to understand that Israel faces numerous challenges in defending itself against terrorist organizations like Hamas. The State Department acknowledged that Israel has the necessary knowledge and tools to minimize civilian harm during military operations. It is clear that Israel values the lives of civilians and strives to uphold best practices in warfare.

Despite the high number of civilian casualties in Gaza, the Biden administration has not found concrete evidence to suggest that U.S. weapons were used in violations of human rights laws. This reaffirms the trust and confidence in Israel’s military capabilities to use weapons responsibly and ethically.

Critics on the Left may seize upon this report to push for restrictions on arms deliveries to Israel. However, it is crucial to remember that Israel is fighting to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks and deserves unwavering support from the United States. Any attempts to weaken Israel’s defenses only embolden its enemies and put innocent lives at risk.

It is imperative to stand firmly with Israel in its fight against terrorism. The Biden administration’s decision to continue military support reaffirms the strong bond between the United States and Israel. Any efforts to undermine this relationship only serve to empower terrorist organizations and jeopardize the security of both nations.

Written by Staff Reports

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