Biden Returns: Student Loan Flop 2.0 Unleashed!

Due to the Supreme Court's decision to invalidate the government's plan to cancel billions of dollars in student loans, the administration of Joe Biden is now facing multiple lawsuits. The president initially proposed a small modification to the program, which would affect around 800,000 borrowers, costing about $39 billion.

Two groups have sued the Trump administration, claiming that the plan is unconstitutional. They argue that the administration violated the Constitution's provision on giving Congress enough time to comment. The lawsuit is aimed at stopping the smaller version of the plan, which is similar to previous ones.

The conservative groups that are involved in the lawsuit agree with the argument that Congress should be involved in student loan programs. They claim that the plan goes beyond merely correcting accounting mistakes and forgives debts that cannot be repaid. They also believe that taxpayers will eventually be on the hook for the program's cost.

Despite the various lawsuits that have been filed against the government, the Biden administration still plans on implementing the program. It claims that many borrowers have been waiting for the promised relief, and they are now able to apply for it. The administration also announced that it plans to change the way student loans are structured.

Conservatives believe that Biden's plan to forgive student loans is an overreaching executive power. By not consulting Congress, he is able to make his own decisions regarding the program, and it will eventually cost taxpayers. It is unfair for those who took out large loans to pay for those who are not, and Congress should not be involved in student aid programs.

Written by Staff Reports

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