Biden Risks US Energy Security, Caves to Eco Radicals

President Biden has once again shown his true colors by caving to the pressure of radical environmental groups and imposing new restrictions on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. This deal, reached on Friday with groups like the Sierra Club, is nothing short of an assault on our nation’s energy independence.

Under this settlement, a whopping 11 million acres of the oil-rich gulf will be excluded from future lease sales. Can you believe it? Instead of utilizing our own abundant resources, Biden is bending over backward to appease these extreme left-wing groups who want to keep us dependent on foreign oil. It’s disgraceful.

Critics of this deal are right to be concerned. By limiting drilling in one of the most significant oil-producing regions in the country, Biden is not only harming American productivity but also putting our energy security at risk. We should be striving for energy independence, not cowering to the demands of environmentalists.

The Sierra Club, along with other far-left groups like The Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth, and Turtle Island Restoration Network, sued the federal government last year over its assessment of the impact of oil and gas activity in the Gulf. These groups claimed that the government didn’t do enough to protect endangered species of marine life. And instead of standing up for American jobs and energy independence, Biden folded like a lawn chair.

As part of this disastrous settlement, Biden has agreed to impose strict speed limits on oil and gas vessels to protect an endangered species of whale. While protecting wildlife is important, it shouldn’t come at the expense of our own economic well-being. Biden is more concerned with appeasing the environmental lobby than he is with ensuring America remains energy independent.

The American Petroleum Institute, National Ocean Industries Association, and EnerGeo Alliance have all condemned these new restrictions as an unfair burden that will harm our energy independence. And they couldn’t be more right. Biden’s decision to bar future lease sales in parts of the northern Gulf is a direct violation of his own climate law, the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s clear that Biden is more interested in targeting fossil fuels than in supporting American jobs and energy security.

To add insult to injury, just last week, Biden released a new rule that will make drilling on public lands even more expensive. It’s just another example of Biden prioritizing the demands of the climate lobby over the needs of the American people. It’s outrageous and unacceptable.

We need a president who will stand up for American jobs and energy independence, not one who caves to the radical environmental agenda. Biden’s decision to restrict offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is a blatant betrayal of our nation’s energy interests. It’s time for us to hold him accountable and fight for policies that promote American energy security and prosperity.

Written by Staff Reports

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