Shocking Truth Behind Senator McConnell’s Recent Health Scare Revealed!

Yesterday, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had a little mishap during a press conference. The poor guy froze right in the middle of a sentence and didn’t look too good. Luckily, his buddy Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) and some others stepped in to rescue him from the podium. McConnell assured everyone that he was fine and even got a call from President Joe Biden to check on him. McConnell joked that he told Biden he got sandbagged. But here’s the real story: McConnell actually collapsed at the airport before his little episode at the presser. Ouch!

Apparently, McConnell had a little stumble while getting off a plane at Reagan National Airport earlier this month. Don’t worry, though, he wasn’t seriously hurt. He was seen later that day at the Capitol, chatting it up with a reporter. Turns out, McConnell has been using a wheelchair at crowded airports as a cautionary measure. It’s no surprise, really, considering his history of falls. He suffered a concussion and cracked rib from a fall in Washington earlier this year and even fractured his shoulder in a fall in Kentucky back in 2019. McConnell should really invest in some bubble wrap or hire a personal fall prevention coach!

Now, McConnell seems to be doing just fine, even on his worst days. Can’t say the same for Biden though. Look, it’s no secret that McConnell is getting up there in age, but at least he knows he’s not fit for the presidency. We can’t say the same for Biden or John Fetterman, who’s barely recovered from a stroke. The media loves to focus on McConnell’s scary podium moment, but it’s just a distraction from Biden’s constant gaffes and the shady dealings of his administration. Plus, both men are too old to be president anyway, so let’s move on, folks. McConnell may have his faults, but he’s got more sense than the rest of them. So watch out, because that boomerang you’re throwing will come right back and hit you in the face.

Written by Staff Reports

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