Biden Scrambles as Trump Ropes in Votes with Wild Video!

President Joe Biden and his henchmen recently held a get-together to address a video unleashed by former President Donald Trump depicting Biden all tied up like a Thanksgiving turkey. The Biden bunch seems to be in quite a tizzy about the whole thing.

The leader of the Biden campaign’s communication squad, Michael Tyler, sounded the alarm during a press conference, declaring, “This campaign has a sense of urgency right now. We are in April of 2024. We are making sure that the American people understand [what’s at stake]. People say it every cycle, but it’s true this time: This is going to be the most important election of our lifetime.”

Tyler went on to boast about a swanky shindig in New York that raked in a cool $26 million, with the likes of former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton gracing the event. According to Tyler, the dough is earmarked to make sure they can set up shop in various locations and “talk about the stakes” day in, day out until Election Day.

The press conference, held in Washington, D.C., played host to some dramatic testimony from former Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell and Metropolitan Police Officer Daniel Hodges, who both experienced the chaos of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. Gonell claimed that political violence is Trump’s calling card, while Hodges warned of Trump and his MAGA mob as the mother of all threats to democracy.

Trump lit the fuse by sharing the provocative video featuring a truck donning “Trump 2024” gear and a photoshopped image of Biden trussed up like a calf at a rodeo show. The Trump camp, in response to the uproar, condemned the “despicable violence” and claimed that Democrats and other wild-eyed types were using the justice system to target Trump.

Moreover, they also dug up a choice quote from 2018, where Biden allegedly talked about taking Trump behind the gym for a good ol’ fashioned dust-up. These liberals sure love their theatrics, don’t they?

Written by Staff Reports

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