Leftist Fact-Checkers Slay Satire, Miss Obvious Joke on Buttigieg

The leftist fact-checking websites must have a broken funny bone because they just can’t seem to grasp the concept of satire. Take Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, for example. The Babylon Bee, known for its spot-on satire, joked about Buttigieg praising a cargo ship for dismantling racism. Obviously, it’s a joke, but the left just couldn’t take a laugh.

PolitiFact, known for its questionable fact-checking, decided to take a swing at The Bee’s hilarious headline. They even flagged a Facebook post that shared the joke, showing just how out of touch they truly are. It’s comical how these fact-checkers try to sound important by partnering with Meta, as if Facebook is the pinnacle of truth.

Not only did PolitiFact miss the joke, but they also felt the need to explain Buttigieg’s previous comments about racism in highway planning, completely missing the mark. It’s like they’re allergic to humor and common sense!

The left’s obsession with attacking anything that pokes fun at them is truly laughable. Instead of focusing on real issues, they waste time trying to fact-check satire. It’s a prime example of their inability to take a joke or acknowledge their own ridiculousness.

In the end, the joke’s on PolitiFact and their ilk. Maybe they should lighten up and learn to laugh at themselves once in a while. But hey, that’s too much to ask from the humorless left!

Written by Staff Reports

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