DEI Trend Fizzles as Corporate America Gets Woke-Weary

The latest buzz on the block is that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs may be losing their luster in corporate America. According to a report by Axios, mentions of “DEI” and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in earnings calls have significantly dropped, indicating that companies are cooling off on these once-hot programs.

It seems that the shift away from DEI is in response to criticisms from conservative activists, lawmakers, and big-shot entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. These business leaders are feeling the heat from lawsuits and attacks, causing them to pump the brakes on DEI initiatives. Even Johnny Taylor, the president of the Society for Human Resource Management, let out a big sigh, saying that CEOs are secretly fed up with DEI, despite putting on a brave face in public.

Remember when everyone was scrambling to hire chief diversity officers after the tragic death of George Floyd? It was the hottest gig in town! But now, some CEOs are grumbling that they might have missed the mark by hiring folks with civil rights backgrounds instead of business smarts. It’s like they ordered a fancy steak but got served a tofu burger instead.

To make matters worse, businesses are starting to slash funding for DEI and even considering downgrading employee resource groups that bring together workers of diverse backgrounds. Lawsuits are popping up left and right, with over 20 filed by former Trump aide Stephen Miller’s group alone. Companies are sweating bullets over potential legal battles and making changes like opening up programs to include everyone instead of focusing on specific groups.

But hold onto your cowboy hats, because it’s not just corporate America that’s giving DEI the cold shoulder. GOP-led states like Florida, Alabama, and Oklahoma have put the kibosh on DEI in public institutions, claiming they want to shift the focus from exclusivity and discrimination to opportunity and merit. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt even signed an executive order to kick DEI politics to the curb in higher education and state agencies, declaring that Oklahomans deserve a good ol’ merit-based system.

In the end, it looks like the DEI party might be winding down, and some folks couldn’t be happier. So long, DEI bureaucracy—there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Merit. Yeehaw!

Written by Staff Reports

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