Biden Sends Illegals Back to Venezuela amidst Border Chaos!

In a shocking reversal, the Biden Administration has finally admitted that a border wall is a “pressing need” in southern Texas. This comes after years of Democrats, including President Biden himself, denouncing the project as a “waste of money” and even suing border states for building their own barriers. It seems they have finally realized that walls do, in fact, work when it comes to preventing unlawful entries into the United States.

This sudden change of heart also coincides with the announcement that deportations to Venezuela will resume. It’s no secret that the Biden Administration has been struggling to handle the record numbers of migrants crossing the southern border, particularly from Central America. By restarting deportations to Venezuela, they are finally taking a step towards enforcing immigration laws and discouraging unlawful entry.


It’s ironic that just months ago, President Biden halted deportations and rescinded a Trump-era policy that prioritized the removal of illegal aliens. Now, faced with the reality of overwhelmed border facilities and soaring illegal border crossings, they are being forced to backtrack on their previous positions. It’s clear that their naive and lenient approach to immigration is failing.

While it’s a positive step that deportations to Venezuela are resuming, it’s still unclear when these flights will begin and how frequently they will run. The Biden Administration needs to provide more transparency and accountability when it comes to enforcing immigration laws. The American people deserve to know that their government is taking the necessary measures to protect our borders and ensure the safety and security of our nation.

This latest flip-flop on the border wall and deportation policies once again highlights the inconsistency and lack of foresight of the Biden Administration. It’s time for them to stop playing politics with our national security and start prioritizing the safety and well-being of American citizens. Building a border wall and enforcing immigration laws are not just common-sense solutions, they are essential for maintaining the integrity of our borders and upholding the rule of law.

Written by Staff Reports

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