Biden Shakes as Polls Doomsday Looms Large!

A CNN poll conducted recently revealed that the approval ratings of US President Joe Biden have dropped to a new low. Only 39% of the respondents approve of how he is handling his position, while 61% disapprove. This marks the lowest rating Biden has had since June 2022, when his rating was 38%. It's clear that Biden's approval ratings are not good at this time.

Joe Biden's job approval ratings have dropped significantly, and he is facing increasing concerns about his health. According to a survey, only 28% of participants think that he has the necessary qualities to be the country's leader, and only 26% believe that he is fit and ready to lead. More than 60% of the public doesn't have a favorable opinion of the former Delaware senator.

For Democrats and Joe Biden, the results of the poll indicate that a significant majority of participants blame the former for the country's economic woes. A staggering 70% of the respondents stated that the situation is "very badly" or "pretty" bad. These numbers are a major blow to the potential presidential candidate of the party.

Despite his negative reputation, Biden is still considered to be a viable candidate for the 2024 presidential election if the election were held today. The CNN poll showed that he and Donald Trump were tied in a hypothetical matchup. This is a bit surprising since the public's dissatisfaction with Biden's performance as the country's president has been growing. A segment of the population still supports Trump's conservative agenda.

The CNN poll showed a grim picture for Biden, as his approval ratings have dropped to a new record low. The public's doubts about his ability to lead are also worsening. It's hard to see him winning re-election in 2024, and the Democrats have a lot of ground to cover to regain the confidence of voters.

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