Biden Suggests Blacks, Hispanics Lack High School Diplomas!

This week, Joe Biden, who has a long history of making racist remarks, added to the list. In a speech on Thursday, he linked Hispanic and African-American workers to people who didn't finish high school. The White House tried to hide Biden's comments.

The White House released a transcript of Biden's speech, and it conveniently changed the former's actual statement. According to the document, Biden noted that the unemployment rate had been dropping for Hispanic and African-American workers, as well as those without high school degrees.

According to Biden, the unemployment rate for women has been the lowest in 70 years. He then went on to say that Hispanics and black Americans were the ones who didn't finish high school, ignoring the fact that most of the individuals from all ethnic groups had completed their education.

It's clear the White House is hiding Biden's racist and ignorant remarks. This is just another example of how Biden has a long history with racial slurs and prejudice. In addition to calling Barack Obama a clean and smart African-American, he has also used the N-word and referred to black kids as "roaches."

Let's not forget how Biden said African-Americans aren't "real black" unless they voted for him. The media is still protecting him despite the evidence proving his racist views. They continue labeling Donald Trump as a racist due to lies.

It's time for the truth to come out and expose Joe Biden's racist views. It's unacceptable that the media is still protecting him despite the evidence proving his past racist behavior.

Written by Staff Reports

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