Biden Swoons as Zelensky Showers Thanks for U.S. Aid Bonanza!

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his gratitude towards President Joe Biden in a recent speech, acknowledging the ongoing aid that the Biden administration provides to Ukraine in their conflict with Russia. Zelensky delivered his address at the National Archives last Thursday, emphasizing the appreciation felt by the people of Ukraine towards America.

“There is not a soul in Ukraine that does not feel gratitude to you, America,” Zelensky expressed, praising the American people for their assistance. He added, “To you, the people who help us not because you have to but because your heart cannot let you do otherwise.”

In comparing his two trips to Washington, D.C., Zelensky noticed stark differences. During the first visit, Zelensky was treated like a hero and even had the opportunity to address Congress. However, this time around, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) denied him the chance to speak, and Zelensky encountered more opposition, particularly from House Republicans, regarding additional U.S. aid to Ukraine.

Despite Zelensky’s gratitude towards the American people, recent polling suggests that they are not in favor of authorizing more funding for Ukraine. An August CNN poll conducted by SSRS revealed that 55% of Americans oppose Congress granting additional funds, while 45% support it. Furthermore, 51% believe the U.S. has already done enough to help Ukraine.

Nevertheless, Zelensky extended his thanks to the politicians, including President Biden, who continue to provide financial assistance to Ukraine, even against the will of the American people. He questioned when the aid will be sufficient, as America has already committed over $100 billion.

It is frustrating to see that President Biden prioritizes supporting Ukraine over listening to the American people. With the majority of Americans opposed to further funding, it is time for Biden to reconsider his actions. Instead of focusing on a foreign conflict, he should be directing his attention towards issues affecting our own citizens. It is important for leaders to remember that they are elected to represent the interests of their own country, rather than catering to international demands.

Written by Staff Reports

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