Trump Hit with 4 Indictments: Left’s Witch Hunt Continues!

Former President Donald Trump finds himself in legal hot water once again, with multiple indictments coming his way. It’s like the liberals just can’t get enough of trying to take him down! Trump is facing not one, not two, but four indictments, both at the state and federal levels. It’s like they’re throwing everything at him, including the kitchen sink!

But that’s not all, folks. Trump is also being slapped with a civil lawsuit in the state of New York. Leave it to the Democrat, Attorney General Letitia James, to try and score political points by going after Trump. She claims that Trump and his company inflated their assets to get better loans. I mean, come on, does anyone really think Trump would stoop that low? It’s just another baseless attack by the left.

Now, we’ve got this judge, Arthur Engoron, overseeing the case. And it seems like he’s already made up his mind. He’s taking James’ side and bashing Trump’s lawyers for their arguments. Talk about bias! I bet Judge Engoron hangs out with all those liberal elites in New York City, sipping lattes and scoffing at hardworking conservatives like Trump. It’s a sad state of affairs when even the judges are in on the left’s witch hunt.

But let’s not forget Trump’s side of the story. His legal team is fighting tooth and nail to get these charges dismissed. They argue that James has no authority to sue the president and his organization. And honestly, they’re right! Trump is a successful businessman who did great things for our country. It’s not surprising that the Democrats are trying to bring him down through frivolous lawsuits. They just can’t stand to see him succeed.

And here’s the kicker – James wants Trump and his sons held liable for fraud even before the trial starts. Can you believe it? She’s already decided they’re guilty without even hearing the evidence. It’s a clear case of overreach and an abuse of power. The Democrats are so desperate to tarnish Trump’s legacy that they’re willing to pull out all the stops.

In the end, it’s clear that Trump is being unfairly targeted by the left. They just can’t accept the fact that he was a great president who fought for conservative values. But mark my words, Trump’s legal team won’t back down. They’ll fight this with everything they’ve got because they know the truth – that this is just another attempt by the Democrats to undermine a conservative leader. And in the end, justice will prevail, and Trump will come out on top.

Written by Staff Reports

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