Biden Targets Archery & Hunting – Gone Too Far? Sen. Ernst Fights Back!

The Biden administration strikes again with yet another attempt to control every aspect of Americans’ lives. This time, they have set their sights on school archery programs, hunter safety training, and other extracurricular activities that they deem inappropriate. Seriously, what’s next? Banning pizza parties and recess?

Thankfully, Senator Joni Ernst is not letting this absurdity go unnoticed. She is taking a stand against the Biden administration’s misguided interpretation of congressional intent and fighting to reverse this wrongful decision. Good for her!

The Department of Education justifies their guidance by referring to the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act,” which prohibits the use of federal funds for dangerous weapons or training. But here’s the kicker – they’re applying it to archery and hunting education. Last time they checked, bows and arrows and responsible hunting are not exactly “dangerous weapons.”

But if the Biden administration wants to play by their own rules, then they need to be consistent. That means no funding for sports equipment like baseball bats, no tools for shop classes, and definitely no knives or kitchen utensils for cooking classes. Let’s see how well that goes over with the school lunch program!

Senator Ernst is not mincing words when it comes to this ludicrous decision. She sent a letter to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona expressing her concerns and rightly pointing out that archery is an inclusive sport that allows students from all backgrounds to participate and compete. Similarly, hunter safety programs teach important skills like wildlife management and personal responsibility. Plus, research shows that these programs have actually led to a decrease in hunting-related injuries over the years.

Not only is Senator Ernst fighting back against this nonsense, but she’s also pushing for legislation that would protect these valuable extracurricular activities. The Allowing for Recreational Resources for Outdoor Wellness (ARROW) Act, introduced by Senator John Barrasso, would ensure that funding can still be used for sports clubs, teams, and related activities for students. It’s a common-sense solution that the Biden administration should embrace.

It’s not just Iowa that will be affected by this misguided guidance. Over 2 million students across the country participate in the National Archery in Schools Program® annually. That’s a lot of kids who could miss out on these enriching and educational activities because of the Biden administration’s overreach.

Let’s be clear – this is just another example of the Biden administration’s obsession with control. They want to dictate every aspect of our lives, from what we can eat to how we can exercise. It’s time to push back and protect our freedoms. So grab your bow and arrow, folks, because we’re not going to let the Biden administration take away our archery and hunting programs without a fight!

Written by Staff Reports

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