Border Bombshell! Agent Exposes Biden’s Disastrous Failures vs Trump’s Successes

In a recent eye-opening video, a brave and honest Border Patrol agent has shed light on the challenges faced by our hardworking agents at the U.S.-Mexico border. And what he reveals will make you question the Biden administration’s commitment to border security. It’s a tale of two approaches: Trump’s tough stance versus Biden’s open invitation to chaos.

The agent starts by tackling the issue of asylum seekers head-on. He reveals the inconvenient truth that many of those claiming asylum are simply trying to game the system. They have no legitimate claims and are just using the overloaded system to their advantage. And guess what? The system is so broken that these individuals are given court dates years into the future! By the time their day in court arrives, they have already planted roots in our great nation.

But let’s not forget about the successful “Remain in Mexico” policy implemented under Trump’s watch. The agent makes it abundantly clear that this policy was not only effective but also the best tool in managing the border situation. It maintained order and ensured that those seeking asylum did so through the proper channels, rather than exploiting loopholes.

And if that wasn’t enough, the agent reveals the shocking truth about DNA testing. This measure, introduced during Trump’s administration, was put in place to verify familial relationships among those crossing the border. And you won’t believe it, but a staggering 40 to 50 percent of those tested turned out to be frauds! They were not actually families trying to escape hardship but individuals trying to gain illegal entry into our country by any means necessary.

But the agent’s revelations don’t stop there. He recounts an unbelievable incident where a consulate was caught providing fake documentation to support a migrant’s claim. These are the kind of outrageous actions that are occurring under the Biden administration’s watch. It’s clear that policy changes have only made the crisis at our border worse, allowing for more fraud and deceit.

This video paints a grim picture, a border in utter crisis. It’s a stark contrast to the strong and decisive approach taken by Trump during his time in office. Biden’s weak and ineffective policies have only emboldened those who seek to exploit our system and put our national security at risk.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and demand better. We need leaders who prioritize the safety and security of our nation over political interests. Thankfully, we have brave agents like this Border Patrol officer who are willing to speak up and shed light on the truth. Let’s not ignore their valuable insights and work towards real solutions that restore order and protect our borders.

Written by Staff Reports

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