Biden Targets Innocents in Israel, Embraces Left’s Agenda

President Joe Biden has once again shown his true colors by signing an executive order that imposes sanctions on innocent foreign nationals living in Israeli settlements in the West Bank. It’s one thing for Democrats to criticize the Israeli government, but it’s a whole other level of absurdity to punish regular people for simply residing in a place they call home.

Let’s not forget that these settlements have been a point of contention for years. The United Nations, that bastion of objectivity, declared them illegal under international law back in 1979. But who needs international law when you have President Biden? Apparently, he thinks he’s the ultimate authority on who gets to live where.

The executive order goes so far as to seize the U.S.-based property of these innocent individuals and ban them from entering the country. Talk about government overreach! It’s bad enough that Biden wants to dictate housing policy in a foreign country, but now he wants to confiscate property? This is just another example of the left’s obsession with control and power.

Biden claims that these actions are necessary to promote a two-state solution and ensure peace and stability in the region. But let’s be honest, his approach is anything but unbiased. By targeting only those who allegedly commit violence against Palestinians, he conveniently ignores the countless acts of aggression committed by Palestinians against Israelis. It’s a one-sided and unfair approach that completely disregards the complex nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The residents of these settlements are predominantly Orthodox Jews, practicing their faith and living their lives in accordance with their beliefs. They’ve been accused of using violence to displace Palestinians, but where is the evidence? These are just baseless accusations thrown around by those who seek to demonize Israelis and justify their own anti-Israel agenda.

And let’s not forget that this move by Biden comes hot on the heels of coordinated terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel. While the United States stood by its ally and supported their right to defend themselves, the left-wing elements in our country were quick to condemn Israel and accuse them of “genocide.” It’s truly baffling how anyone can turn a blind eye to the fact that Hamas, not Israel, is the real perpetrator of violence and oppression.

Once again, President Biden is showing his true colors as a puppet of the radical left. His executive order is nothing more than a thinly veiled attack on Israeli citizens, driven by a biased agenda. It’s time for conservatives to stand up against this blatant injustice and support our ally in the Middle East. Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens, and we should be standing by their side, not punishing them.

Written by Staff Reports

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