Biden Team Dodges Concerns Over Alarming Video Evidence, Dismisses Critics

The ongoing debate surrounding the recent videos of Joe Biden looking less than enthusiastic, dismissed by the Biden regime as mere “cheap fakes,” continues to spark controversy. The leftist cronies and mainstream media are predictably jumping to Biden’s defense, attempting to downplay the overwhelming evidence that contradicts their narrative.

White House mouthpiece Karine Jeanne-Pierre has taken the lead in this gaslighting campaign. During a recent press briefing, she baselessly labeled the videos as deceptive, accusing right-wing critics of manufacturing misinformation. When journalists, including Newsmax’s James Rosen, pressed about Biden’s concerning demeanor in the videos, Jeanne-Pierre skillfully sidestepped the issue, refusing to confirm whether Biden was indeed “fine.”

Despite the administration’s efforts to brush off legitimate concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities, their evasions speak volumes. When confronted with direct questions about Biden’s well-being, Jeanne-Pierre resorted to praising Biden’s alleged accomplishments rather than providing a reassuring answer. This diversion tactic underscores the administration’s discomfort with addressing the issue head-on.

It’s telling when even the most ardent defenders of the Biden White House struggle to spin the narrative convincingly. The conspicuous avoidance of acknowledging Biden’s fitness concerns betrays a more profound unease within the administration. As the saying goes, actions—or, in this case, non-answers—speak louder than words.

Written by Staff Reports

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