Biden’s Mass-Amnesty Circus: Prioritizing Illegals Over Law-Abiding Americans

In a move that shocked absolutely no one except maybe those still clinging to the delusion that Joe Biden represents all Americans, the President recently made headlines with yet another over-the-top, ill-advised proclamation. The commander-in-chief decided to throw a grand mass-amnesty party for illegal aliens. It’s almost as if the folks who comply with the law are just extras in Biden’s never-ending drama of political pandering.

The timing, of course, couldn’t be more impeccably tied to politics. With dwindling approval ratings and a base that needs a little jolting in time for the upcoming elections, Biden’s announcement reads less like a genuine policy decision and more like a desperate move from a leader in crisis mode. It’s the classic Washington maneuver of diverting attention from real issues by dangling a shiny, controversial topic in front of the public.

Perhaps the administration thought this grand gesture would serve as a metaphorical soothing balm to their perpetual wounds among progressive voters. But one has to wonder if anyone on Biden’s team even paused to consider the American citizens who bear the brunt of such policies. Who needs border control and legal immigration processes when citizenship can seemingly be handed out like Halloween candy?

It’s almost laughable to consider how Biden continues to prioritize the rights of illegal aliens over those of law-abiding, taxpaying American citizens. There’s a whole slew of issues the country is grappling with, from inflation hitting hard-working families right in their wallets to crime rates making city streets more reminiscent of action movies than safe neighborhoods. Yet, Biden’s big solution is to sidestep all that by waving the magic amnesty wand.

At this rate, one might consider enrolling in an acting class just to keep up with the theatrics coming out of the White House. Using mass-amnesty as a political prop is not just a slap in the face to all who respect the rule of law, but also a signal of where priorities lie—or rather, don’t lie. But, perhaps for anyone still loyal to the Biden circus, this latest act is enough to keep the show running a little longer.

Written by Staff Reports

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