Biden Team Proposes Reduced Debate Schedule Amid Concerns

On Wednesday, Joe Biden’s team said they aren’t going to do the three debates planned by a big debate group. Instead, they want two debates, one in June and another in September. Biden’s team leader, Jen O’Malley Dillon, thinks that these big debates with lots of people are not needed for good debates. Some people find this strange.

President Donald Trump said he is ready for these debates. He said the dates in June and September are good for him. But, is this really going to happen? It’s hard to say. Biden’s group wasn’t too interested in debates before. Why are they changing their minds now?

It’s no secret that Biden doesn’t do great in public talks. Even with a prompter, he sometimes messes up. His challenge video to Trump was not very good. In the video, Biden said he beat Trump in two debates in 2020, even though that’s not true. People noticed that the video had lots of quick changes, which some found weird.

Biden’s group might be worried about a debate hurting their chances. In the past, Senator John Fetterman’s ratings dropped after a bad debate. Luckily for Fetterman, most people already voted then, so it didn’t hurt him too much. But with the debates Biden wants, they might happen before people start voting.

Some people think Biden’s team is being tricky. The first debate might happen after Trump’s trial in New York. Are they hoping Trump gets in trouble so they won’t need to debate him? Biden might not really want to debate at all.

The two teams might not agree on everything for the debates. Picking who will run the debates will likely be the biggest problem. The people who pick in the past have mostly been Democrats. Trump’s team will want it to be more fair this time. This might cause issues between the two teams.

Until these debates really happen, it’s hard to say for sure what will go down.

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Biden Demands Debate Changes, Signals Weakness