Biden Demands Debate Changes, Signals Weakness

In a recent development, Joe Biden attempted to appear tough during his debate challenge to Donald Trump, but failed miserably. Biden’s team, led by campaign co-chair Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, sent a letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates with a list of demands for how the debates should be managed. Instead of going through the Commission, Biden’s team wants media outlets to follow their specific guidelines, such as having no live audience, cutting mics once time expires, and restricting certain news organizations from hosting.

This move by Biden’s team showcases a clear sense of fear and desperation from the incumbent. By trying to control every aspect of the debates, Biden is showing that he is not confident in his ability to perform without a carefully curated environment. This level of micromanagement raises questions about Biden’s leadership capabilities and ability to handle unscripted situations.

The demand for no live audience and restrictions on the media hosting the debates seem to indicate that Biden is afraid of facing real-time feedback and tough questions. It is disheartening to see a presidential candidate so hesitant to engage in open, transparent debates that allow for a diversity of perspectives to be heard. This kind of behavior only serves to undermine the democratic process and deprive voters of the opportunity to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, Biden’s insistence on starting the debates earlier than proposed and excluding additional candidates reveals a lack of respect for the established debate process. By setting these unilateral terms, Biden is trying to gain an unfair advantage and control the narrative to his benefit. This manipulative approach to debates goes against the principles of fairness and impartiality that should guide such important political exchanges.

Overall, Biden’s attempt to dictate the terms of the debates reflects a troubling trend of avoidance and manipulation. Instead of facing challenges head-on and engaging in open dialogue, Biden’s campaign seems content to hide behind carefully crafted scenarios. This behavior does a disservice to the American public, who deserve candidates willing to engage in honest, unscripted debates that truly test their leadership qualities and policy ideas.

Written by Staff Reports

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