White House Scrambles as Biden Popularity Plummets Amid Policy Blunders

The White House is trying to come up with excuses for President Biden’s sinking popularity, but the blame game is getting old. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to deflect the attention away from Biden and onto external factors like COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. But let’s face it, Biden’s policies are the real issue here. His war on energy has led to skyrocketing gas prices, hitting American families where it hurts the most. 


Despite Jean-Pierre’s attempts to paint a rosy picture of Biden’s presidency, the facts speak for themselves. Biden’s excessive spending has fueled inflation to levels we haven’t seen in years. The Federal Reserve Chief himself admits that inflation is out of control, all thanks to Biden’s reckless economic policies. And let’s not forget about the crisis at the southern border, a direct result of Biden’s weak immigration stance.

It’s clear that the American people are not buying into the White House’s excuses anymore. Blaming Trump for current problems is just a way to shift the focus from Biden’s failures. If things continue down this path, Biden may soon find himself out of a job, and Jean-Pierre might be shopping for a new gig at MSNBC. Let’s hope Biden’s days of napping in the Oval Office are numbered, and Americans can finally see some real leadership in Washington. It’s time for a change, and the American people deserve better than what Biden is delivering.

Written by Staff Reports

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