Biden to Exploit Trump Trial Outcome for Campaign Advantage Says Report

President Biden plans to discuss the outcome of former President Trump’s New York City trial no matter what happens, as per a new report. The President will make a statement from the White House to appear fair but is ready to use a guilty verdict as a campaign advantage from the Oval Office.

Sources from inside the Biden Administration shared with Politico that Biden aims to talk about the trial from the White House to show it’s not a political move. If President Trump is found guilty, Biden will argue it shows Trump’s unsuitability for office and the lengths he would go to for victory. Biden’s social media team is also preparing to brand Trump as “Convicted Felon Donald Trump” if he is found guilty.

The Biden team plans to use an acquittal or a hung jury to attack Trump and the Republican Party, painting them as supporters of chaos and lawlessness, no matter the trial’s conclusion. They want to highlight the importance of the American system even during an election year. Biden’s aides believe that next month's presidential debate will be crucial for reaching undecided voters while acknowledging that the trial likely won’t sway many voters outside the Northeast.

The report mentions that additional criminal cases against Trump are still pending and not expected to go to trial before the election. They include cases related to federal classified documents, federal election interference, and a RICO case by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. In the New York case, District Attorney Alvin Bragg used COVID-era policies to extend the statute of limitations on a payment error, upgraded to a felony charge based on a conspiracy allegation related to the 2016 election.

This news highlights the ongoing political division and efforts to discredit Trump, demonstrating the biased attacks from the left against conservative figures. It’s important for Americans to see through the partisan strategies and focus on fair treatment for all individuals, including former presidents.

Written by Staff Reports

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