Biden to Respect SCOTUS on Trump Immunity, Surprises Critics with Judicial Decorum

Senator Chris Coons has announced that President Biden will graciously respect the Supreme Court’s decision on whether former President Donald Trump has presidential immunity from prosecution, even if he doesn’t agree with it—an interesting stance given Biden’s recent track record of handling Supreme Court rulings.

Fox News Sunday anchor Shannon Beam cornered Coons on whether Biden would uphold the Supreme Court’s rulings when they don’t align with his views, particularly regarding Trump’s presidential immunity. Coons is already playing the comparison game, pointing out what he believes is a stark difference in respect for the rule of law between Biden and Trump. Apparently, Coons thinks Biden’s executive fiat on student-loan forgiveness, which got shot down by the Supreme Court, is a prime example of Biden’s supposed reverence for the judiciary.

Coons couldn’t resist diving headfirst into Trump’s legal troubles, citing the New York trial where Trump was convicted of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. He ranted about how Trump supposedly undermined the entire justice system during the trial and found himself under a gag order. Interesting that Democrats are quick to cheer on legal technicalities when they suit their narrative, but cry foul play when it’s their policies under scrutiny.

Meanwhile, Coons praised Biden’s stoic silence regarding his son Hunter’s legal issues, claiming this as evidence of Biden’s mature respect for the judiciary. It’s truly heartwarming to see a father maintain his composure while his son faces the consequences of shady dealings. Nothing says “rule of law” like pledging not to use presidential powers to bail out one’s own kin—what a comforting display of integrity.

The Supreme Court is expected to deliver its decision on Trump’s presidential immunity claim by the end of the month. It’s worth noting that Trump has argued since last year that he should be immune from prosecution regarding Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case on his actions around the 2020 election. Trump took to Truth Social to declare that the Supreme Court has rebuffed Jack Smith’s attempt to bend the Constitution, emphasizing that as President, he had both the right and duty to investigate and speak on the allegedly rigged 2020 Presidential Election.

So, as the countdown begins for the Supreme Court’s decision, one can only wait and see how the highest court in the land will weigh in on Trump’s immunity. Meanwhile, the Biden administration will be gearing up to respectfully disagree, while smiling and nodding.

Written by Staff Reports

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