Biden Under Fire for Delayed Condemnation of Campus Unrest

President Joe Biden faced backlash for initially burying his comments on the surge of pro-terrorist unrest on American college campuses in his Passover statement. However, he later addressed the issue, emphasizing the importance of upholding the right to free speech and peaceful assembly while maintaining the rule of law. He condemned violent protests and vandalism, stating that these actions are not protected under the right to protest. Additionally, he underscored that dissent should not lead to disorder and instilling fear in people is unacceptable.

Biden asserted that there is no place for antisemitism, Islamophobia, or racism on college campuses or in America as a whole. He stressed the need for demonstrations to be carried out without violence, destruction, or hate, and within the boundaries of the law. Despite his defense of free speech, questions arose about the administration’s alleged collaboration with big tech companies to censor online discourse.

When asked about potentially reevaluating his policies toward Israel in light of the unrest on campuses, Biden replied in the negative. He also expressed opposition to deploying the National Guard to restore order, despite the chaos on campuses.

While Biden’s remarks were among his strongest on the issue, they did not reach the level of a previous impassioned speech he delivered in 2022. The criticism Biden has faced for his response to the pro-Hamas demonstrations may impact his reelection campaign, as concerns about dwindling support among certain voter groups have influenced the White House’s approach. This was evident when opposing groups at the University of Alabama momentarily united in chanting against Biden, signaling potential challenges in garnering support from campus leftists in the upcoming election.

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