Biden Underwhelms with Speech Errors at Heritage Event

At a recent event at the White House celebrating “Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month,” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made an appearance together. While Harris began with a customary cackle, Biden’s speech left much to be desired. He mentioned selecting Kamala as his running mate because he needed “somebody smarter than me,” hinting at his own shortcomings. This reveals the concerning reality of Biden’s leadership if his vice president is indeed more competent than he is.

As Biden stumbled through his speech, struggling to make coherent statements while squinting at the teleprompter, it became evident that he was out of his depth. His attempt to highlight the diversity and achievements of these communities fell flat as he failed to convey a clear message. The fact that he couldn’t pronounce Kamala’s name correctly once again raises questions about his attention to detail and respect for his own vice president.

It is concerning that Biden, after being in office for over three years, still struggles with basic aspects of communication. The media often criticizes others for similar mistakes, yet Biden seems to escape scrutiny. This double standard is telling of the leniency granted to him compared to other public figures. If Biden cannot even get his vice president’s name right, it calls into question his level of regard for those around him and his commitment to accuracy.

In light of these recent incidents, it is evident that Biden’s cognitive abilities are increasingly under scrutiny. His struggles with the teleprompter and basic pronunciation hint at a larger issue of competence in his role as president. It is essential for the American public to hold their leaders to a high standard of excellence, especially regarding something as fundamental as correctly addressing colleagues. In the future, Biden must make a concerted effort to improve his communication skills to uphold the dignity of the presidency.

Written by Staff Reports

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