Vermont Housing Program Accused of Racial Discrimination

In Vermont, a program called the Homeownership Equity Program is making headlines, but not for a good reason. This program, run by the Champlain Housing Trust, is supposed to help people with buying homes but there’s a big catch – if you’re white, you can forget about it. That’s right, in a state where 93% of the population is white, this program is only available to BIPOCs. It’s like saying, “Whites need not apply.” But isn’t that just reverse racism?

The Champlain Housing Trust received a whopping $20 million donation from MacKenzie Scott, who seems to have a soft spot for giving to organizations led by people of color. But instead of using the money to help all Vermonters in need, the CHT is using it to fund race-based discrimination. They claim it’s to address past injustices, but isn’t discriminating based on race just continuing the cycle of division and prejudice?

Moreover, the CHT’s justification for this discrimination doesn’t quite add up. They talk about past discrimination and systemic issues, but the reality is that laws against racial discrimination have been in place for years. Mortgage lenders have been striving to help minorities become homeowners, and it’s illegal to discriminate in lending practices. So why exclude poor white Vermonters from getting assistance based on their race?

When you look at the facts, it becomes clear that the majority of Vermonters facing severe housing problems are actually white. And with a poverty rate of 33% among black Vermonters compared to 10% among whites, it’s evident that the need for assistance transcends racial lines. Shouldn’t a program aimed at helping the less fortunate be colorblind and focus on those truly in need, regardless of their skin color?

In the end, it’s important to address real issues of poverty and housing insecurity without resorting to discriminatory practices. Excluding people based on their race is not the answer and goes against the principles of equality and fairness. It’s time to put an end to this divisive and harmful approach and strive towards a society where help is given based on need, not race.

Written by Staff Reports

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