Bidenomics Backfires: Americans Foot $709 Monthly Bill!

The White House spokesperson and President Biden himself have been hooting and hollering about the wonders of “Bidenomics.” But let’s get real here, folks. “Bidenomics is working?” More like “Bidenomics is hurting!”

The hard truth is that Americans are feeling the pain in their wallets. The cost of goods and services has shot up so dramatically that people are shelling out an extra $709 every month compared to just two years ago. And don’t even get us started on the economy. According to a recent Washington Post/ABC poll, only 30 percent of respondents approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, while a whopping 74 percent have a negative view. Ouch!

Yet, despite all this, the White House decided to unleash Karine Jean-Pierre, their talking point queen, to reiterate the misguided claim that “Bidenomics is working.” Sorry, but the facts say otherwise.

Let’s examine the numbers, shall we? Since Biden took office, prices have surged by a staggering 17.4 percent, while hourly wages have increased a measly 13 percent. To put this in perspective, only Jimmy Carter had a higher inflation rate at this point in his presidency. Talk about an unwanted record!

Sure, inflation has come down from its sky-high levels in 2022, but prices are still rising, just at a slightly slower pace. This doesn’t exactly align with Biden’s promise to “lower costs.” It’s like driving a car that’s still heading north when you want to go south. And guess who Americans are blaming for this mess? Yep, Joe Biden himself. Almost 60 percent of people surveyed agree that he’s made matters worse. Can’t argue with the truth!

This disastrous economic situation doesn’t bode well for Democrats. Although it might not seal their fate in the upcoming elections, the outlook is far from rosy. Remember, they already had a tough time last year, with Biden’s popularity sinking faster than a lead balloon. Yet, somehow they managed to scrape by with limited losses and even some net gains. But this time around, the stench of their failures will be front and center.

To top it off, voters don’t exactly have an appetite for a Biden-Trump rematch. And can you blame them? Who wants to witness a never-ending slugfest over who’s worse and less fit for the job? It’s like choosing between an unwanted visit to the dentist or a root canal.

So, let’s ditch the fantasy talk of “Bidenomics is working.” The American people deserve better than skyrocketing prices, sluggish wage growth, and a president who can’t even get his own policies in check. It’s time for a reality check, folks. Bidenomics is nothing more than a costly disaster.

Written by Staff Reports

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