Bidenomics Backfires as Voter Support Plummets Amid Rising Costs

Now here’s a shocker: The Biden administration’s cluelessness on the country’s economic reality has caught up with them. Voters are rolling their eyes at the administration’s rosy proclamations. Despite the administration’s attempts to pat themselves on the back for supposedly great job numbers, everyday Americans aren’t feeling the love—thanks, inflation!

No surprises, Sarah Bedford at the Washington Examiner pointed out the disconnect. People have no interest in hearing about macroeconomic numbers when they can barely afford groceries. The Biden administration’s strategy of cherry-picking stats to make themselves look good isn’t fooling anyone, and it’s costing Joe a heap of support. With inflation eating away at paychecks, Biden’s approval ratings are plummeting faster than CNN’s prime-time audience.


And let’s not forget the circus inside the Democratic Party. They’re scrambling to decide whether to stick with Sleepy Joe for the 2024 bid after his less-than-stellar debate performance. The debate apparently did nothing to boost Biden’s chances against his likely opponent, the ever-persistent Donald Trump. Biden’s numbers keep dipping, and the Dems are getting nervous. Who could blame them?

Bedford suggests Biden needs a miracle—or perhaps a large-scale distraction—to regain some momentum. But time is ticking, and miracles seem to be in short supply these days. Even the magic wand of liberal media spin might not save him at this point.

The White House seems desperate to squash any rumors of Biden being replaced. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is doing her best spin, insisting Biden is their guy. Biden himself is practically begging Democrats to rally behind him to beat Trump. Talk about confidence, right? Monday morning on MSNBC, Biden threw down the gauntlet, challenging any doubters to face him at the upcoming convention. A bold move, considering his performance track record.

So, as the Democratic circus continues and Biden’s economic fairy tales unravel, conservatives can sit back with a bucket of popcorn. Talk is cheap, but the cost of Biden’s policies? That’s something America is feeling every single day.

Written by Staff Reports

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