Harris Prepped for Spotlight as Biden Stumbles, Dems Fear 2024 Loss

Joe Biden’s public calendar has tossed a curious bone to political watchdogs: Vice-President Kamala Harris recently made not one, but two appearances at daily briefings. A little out of the ordinary, isn’t it? The Biden administration appears to be prepping Harris for more airtime, perhaps signaling her increased role in a regime that’s scrambling for any semblance of stability. Brace yourselves, it looks like the Dems might be grooming their next sacrificial lamb.

Biden’s campaign has been hitting more potholes than a backcountry dirt road. After a staggering drop in public confidence, a recent head-to-head matchup reveals former President Donald Trump edging ahead of Biden by 3.3%. Piling on, nine congressional Democrats are publicly calling for Biden to quietly fade into the sunset, with even more expressing doubts about his ability to clinch the next election.

With Biden’s footing as shaky as a jello mold on a hot summer day, the Democratic sharks are circling around Harris. As a black woman with significant political clout and fundraising prowess, Harris is being prepped as the likeliest candidate to slide into the top spot should Biden throw in the towel. Thanks to her background and the progressive halo effect, she’s the next best pawn in the left’s bewildering game of political chess.

Adam Schiff, the walking embodiment of political posturing, insists Harris has the leadership chops to be a stellar president. Political pundit Van Jones is already prepping for the Harris presidency, saying the Dems should run her in the “strongest way.” By this, he must mean strong like a house made of Popsicle sticks in a hurricane. Spoiler alert, voters aren’t buying it.

Harris’s public relations disasters are legendary. Her attempt to popularize the unbelievably awkward catchphrase “unburdened by what has been” fell flat on its face. It’s hard to imagine anyone, let alone voters, warming up to such contrived drivel. And let’s not even start on her disastrous explanation of the Ukraine conflict, which sounded more like a kindergarten geography lesson than a geopolitical analysis. Pretending she’s addressing a room of preschoolers isn’t exactly a winning strategy.

Ideologically, Harris floats somewhere to the left of Karl Marx. During her failed 2020 presidential bid, she openly supported policies like a fracking ban and the infamous Green New Deal. Her radical positions catered to the Californian electorate but set her up for failure on the national stage where moderate Democrats hold sway. Her far-left stances are a political millstone she can’t simply discard.

Yet somehow, polls suggest Harris fares slightly better than Biden in a hypothetical matchup against Trump. This marginal edge speaks more to Biden’s colossal ineptitude than to any genuine enthusiasm for Harris. Even so, Harris trails Trump by two points in these optimistic projections. For context, Biden was leading by over nine points at this stage in the 2020 race.

The Trump campaign is already sharpening its knives in anticipation of a Harris candidacy. Harris’s current advantage is her low profile, but this camouflage will vanish once she’s under the national microscope. The Democratic Party faces a grim predicament for 2024. With a choice between a floundering Biden and an unimpressive Harris, the odds are good that Trump’s second act is just around the corner.

Written by Staff Reports

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