Whoopi Goldberg Defends Biden Even if He Pooped His Pants on The View

Whoopi Goldberg’s recent comments on “The View” exemplify the absurd lengths some on the left are willing to go to defend Joe Biden. Despite his refusal to take a cognitive test and growing concerns about his mental acuity, Goldberg made it clear that she would still support Biden even if he “pooped his pants.” It’s a bizarre and troubling display of party loyalty trumping all else.

Goldberg’s insistence on standing by Biden no matter what is not only irrational but also dangerous. It’s a stark reminder of how partisan politics can blind individuals to the reality of a candidate’s capability to lead. By making light of Biden’s potential cognitive decline, Goldberg is essentially saying that party allegiance is more important than the well-being of the country.

The fact that Goldberg is willing to overlook such serious concerns about Biden’s fitness for office speaks volumes about the current state of the Democratic Party. It’s a party that seems willing to sacrifice competence and integrity for the sake of holding onto power. With Goldberg’s remarks, the left has shown just how far they are willing to go to maintain their grip on the presidency.

In the end, Goldberg’s comments are not just a punchline – they are a troubling reflection of the misguided priorities of many on the left. The idea that someone like Biden, who may not be fit for the job, could still garner unwavering support simply because of party affiliation is a disheartening commentary on the state of American politics. It’s a reminder that, for some, blind loyalty trumps critical thinking and common sense.

Written by Staff Reports

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