Biden’s $6B Iran Deal: Sweetening Terror, Endangering Lives

Big Bad Biden once again made a deal with the Iranian regime, which puts the lives of Americans at risk. In exchange for the release of five American prisoners, the President agreed to unfreeze $6 billion worth of Iranian assets.

The White House tried to play down the significance of the deal with Iran, claiming that it would be used for humanitarian needs. But, this is not true. Biden is using this as another way to give Iran cash, and they will not play nice.

This deal has been condemned by members of Congress and former officials of the Trump administration. They warned that it would only encourage Iran to continue its bad behavior.

If you were hoping to find more proof that the deal was a recipe for disaster, then look no further than the recent statement made by Iranian President Raisi. He threatened to kill American officials. His comments showed the world that Biden's critics were right all through.

The Iranian government has also placed bounties on the heads of several prominent individuals, including Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Brian Hook, and Iranian-Americans residing in the US. These brave individuals need to be protected from the Iranian regime's wrath.

It is clear that the deal is putting the lives of American citizens at risk. Biden must wake up and realize that engaging with bullies only fuels their aggression. Instead of giving out cash, he should lead by example and protect the people of America.

Written by Staff Reports

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