Biden’s Big Mistake: Abbott Reveals Border Invasion Unleashed!

In a statement, Abbott accused Biden's administration of violating the state's border security by cutting down on razor wire that was previously placed in Eagle Pass. This incident is the latest example of the tension between the White House and the state's officials regarding the influx of migrants at the southern border.

In a statement on the platform X, Abbott noted that Texas had been installing razor wire in Eagle Pass to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the state. However, due to the actions of the Biden administration, the state was forced to cut the wire. The Republican governor then blamed the administration for the border security breach. He immediately deployed the Texas National Guard to reinforce the border.

In another development, Abbott shared a letter he wrote to Biden, in which he blamed the president's policies for the situation at the border. He noted that Texas was taking the lead in addressing the issue by constructing a border wall, deploying marine barriers, and installing razor wire.

In April, the Department of Justice sued Texas over the placement of a buoy barrier along the Rio Grande, which was part of Abbott's Operation Lone Star. According to the agency, the barrier hindered the river's navigation and raised environmental, public safety, and humanitarian concerns. Initially, the state was ordered to remove the structures, but it is now challenging the decision.

In September, The Daily Fetched revealed that the Biden administration had been allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into the country through what they referred to as "welded open floodgates" on the Arizona border. Instagram posts showed migrants from various countries, such as India, China, and Senegal.

Adding to the controversy is the fact that the Biden administration is selling parts of the border wall that Donald Trump ordered built during his time in office. This move has been criticized by conservatives, who believe it shows the lack of interest in securing the border.

More Democrats are criticizing Biden's policies as the situation at the southern border worsens. In August, several liberal politicians and an Independent called on him to take action to stop the flow of migrants into the country. Maura Healey, the governor of Massachusetts, declared a state of emergency to address the issue and asked the federal government to cover the costs of housing thousands of migrants.

Abbott's statement blaming the Biden administration for the border security breach in Eagle Pass added to the tensions between the White House and Texas.

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