Biden’s Age Crisis: Too Old for 2nd Term, But Neck & Neck with Trump in 2024?

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre recently tried to convince the press that President Joe Biden, despite being 80-years-old, is still capable of serving a second term. Well, she’s really spinning her wheels on this one! I mean, come on, folks! We all know that Biden’s age is catching up with him faster than a turtle racing a cheetah.

But let’s not take my word for it. According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, a whopping majority of Democrats are worried that good ol’ Biden is past his prime and unfit for the job. Can you blame them? I wouldn’t trust this guy to handle a lemonade stand, let alone the highest office in the land.

Now, let’s not forget the irony here. The same poll revealed that only 47 percent of respondents felt that former President Donald Trump, at a spry 77-years-old, was too old for a second run in the White House. Talk about a double standard! It’s clear that Democrats will pin anything on Trump just to discredit him, even if it means overlooking Biden’s obvious weaknesses.

And if that wasn’t enough, get this: Biden is actually tied with Trump in a potential 2024 matchup. That’s right, folks, Sleepy Joe is running neck and neck with the man they love to hate. It’s a sad state of affairs when a former president, who has been out of office for over a year, is giving Biden a run for his money.

But hey, at least the American people are seeing through Biden’s facade. The poll shows that voters think he’s too old to run for re-election and they give him low marks for his handling of the economy and other important issues. It’s no wonder that only 39% of voters hold a favorable view of him. That’s as low as his energy levels during a press conference!

In conclusion, it’s clear that Biden’s age is a real concern for the American people. And can you blame them? It’s time for someone with fresh ideas and boundless energy to step up and lead our great nation. Sorry, Joe, but your 15 minutes of fame are up. It’s time to pack your bags and retire to that Delaware basement of yours. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a nice commemorative rocking chair as a parting gift.

Written by Staff Reports

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