Biden’s Approval Nosedives: Dems & Independents Flee

In yet another blow to President Biden’s already sinking popularity, a recent Gallup poll revealed that his approval rating among Democrats and independents has plummeted to its lowest levels since he took office. The survey found that a mere 75% of Democrats now approve of the president’s job performance, representing an alarming 11% decline compared to last month. But it doesn’t stop there – even among independents, Mr. Biden’s approval rating fell by 4%, leaving only 35% of them satisfied with his performance at the helm of the nation.

To add insult to injury, this marks the lowest approval ratings Mr. Biden has ever received from the two groups that were once believed to be his strongest supporters. It seems that even his own party is starting to lose faith in the president’s abilities. However, Republican opinions on Mr. Biden remained unchanged, with a measly 5% expressing any form of support for his performance.

Overall, Mr. Biden’s approval rating experienced a staggering 4% drop to hit a dismal 37%. This is now the fourth instance out of the 33 Gallup polls conducted since he assumed office where his rating has dipped below the 40% mark. These are certainly not the numbers the president was hoping for, and they undoubtedly raise concerns about his ability to maintain his base of support and appeal to independent voters.

The poll, which was conducted from October 2 to October 23, involved 1,009 respondents and carries a margin of error of 4%. It remains to be seen whether this decline in approval ratings is a momentary blip or a sign of more trouble to come for the Biden administration. Only time will tell if the president can turn the tide and regain the confidence of not only his party but also the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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