CNN’s Shameful Correction: Terrorist Talking Points Parroted Without Question!

In a stunning turn of events, the leftist propaganda machine known as CNN has finally admitted to spreading fake news. The network issued a correction to a story that falsely claimed Israel had bombed a hospital in Gaza. It turns out that CNN had mindlessly regurgitated the narrative pushed by the terrorist group Hamas, without bothering to fact-check or investigate further.

In its initial report, CNN shamelessly proclaimed that Israel had targeted a hospital and a school in Gaza, while ignoring the real humanitarian crisis caused by Hamas’ ongoing attacks on Israeli civilians. The network irresponsibly parroted the false claims made by the Palestinian Health Ministry, conveniently forgetting to mention that it is controlled by Hamas. It has now been revealed that Islamic militants fired the rocket that hit the hospital, not Israel. The rocket was intended to kill Israeli civilians but tragically ended up killing Palestinians instead.

CNN’s lack of journalistic integrity is truly astonishing. Instead of issuing a full apology, the network quietly released a correction that will likely be overlooked by most readers. The damage has already been done, and the American public has once again been subjected to fake news and blatant propaganda. CNN’s willingness to carry water for people who murder women and children is disgraceful and should not be tolerated.

This incident highlights the ongoing bias and lack of credibility in the mainstream media. Israel is constantly facing resistance from all sides as it tries to protect its citizens from terrorists. The American media, including CNN, has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted to report the facts objectively. It is no wonder that the public’s trust in these establishment media outlets continues to plummet.

Written by Staff Reports

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