Biden’s Approval Plummets Below GOP Governors—Trouble Looms for 2024

President Joe Biden’s tenure has been nothing short of a national comedic tragedy. This puppet of the political establishment has run an administration that has left Americans shaking their heads in disbelief. The latest numbers from The Hill’s Morning Consult poll drive home just how abysmal Biden’s approval ratings truly are. A measly 38 percent of people approve of his leadership, while a whopping 55 percent disapprove. To put this into perspective, even the least popular Republican state governor, Tate Reeves of Mississippi, still managed to garner a stronger approval rating at 45 percent. The contrast is stark and unquestionably gives credence to the public dissatisfaction with the current administration.

Meanwhile, it’s not just Biden’s abysmal numbers stealing the spotlight. Republican governors like Kim Reynolds of Iowa have held their own against the sitting president in terms of public approval. The fact that Biden’s approval ratings have sunk lower than these governors’ ratings speaks volumes about how the American people perceive his leadership. To add insult to injury, Democratic Gov. Josh Green of Hawaii, despite his state’s many government failures, managed to secure a 66 percent approval rate — a perplexing statistic given the current state of affairs.

As if the poor approval ratings weren’t bad enough, recent polls are indicating Biden’s downward spiral in popularity may continue into the 2024 presidential race. Reports suggest that he’s trailing behind former President Donald Trump both nationally and in key swing states. It’s a grim reality for the Biden administration, and these numbers don’t lie.

The Morning Consult poll isn’t just a one-off, isolated incident either. When looking at the RealClearPolitics average of polls, Biden’s disapproval rating comes in at a towering 55.3 percent compared to a paltry 40.7 percent approval. The chasm between these figures is a clear indication that the American people are fed up with the performance of their president.

But really, should any of this come as a surprise? Considering Biden’s track record of gaffes, cognitive decline, and catastrophic decisions, the results of the poll were inevitable. From stumbling up stairs to fumbling with words, Biden has become a laughing stock on the global stage. And let’s not forget the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal or the shady Ukraine War dealings. It’s no wonder a significant portion of the population views him with disdain.

In fact, Biden’s unique blend of incompetence and authoritarian tendencies has led many to question his suitability for office. The idea that 40 percent of respondents still approve of his actions is baffling and disheartening. But for the 55 percent who have seen through the facade, hope still flickers on the horizon.

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Written by Staff Reports

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