Biden’s Attempt to Mock Trump Backfires, Highlights Own Shortcomings

In a recent campaign post by Joe Biden, the attempt at a clever jab towards Donald Trump backfired spectacularly, as usual. It seems like the Biden team just can’t help but stumble over their own feet in an attempt to throw shade at the former President. It’s almost cute, in a sad and incompetent kind of way.

The post started with the classic “We know who Donald Trump is,” listing off some of Trump’s well-known characteristics. Say what you will about Trump, but at least he had some wins under his belt; a booming economy, peace deals – the guy was doing something right. Can we say the same for ol’ Joe?

Then came the juicy part – the attempt to turn the tables and say “We know who you are too, Joe.” Ouch. The post calling out Biden as dishonest, lacking intelligence, and suffering from a serious decline in cognitive abilities hits hard. One might say they hit the nail on the head with that assessment. 


From questionable deals with foreign countries to being a walking example of political corruption, Biden’s laundry list of missteps and shady behavior is longer than a CVS receipt. His track record speaks for itself, and it’s not a pretty picture. It’s no wonder they’re telling him to pack his bags come re-election time – the damage he’s done needs serious fixing.

So, Joe, we know who you are indeed. And it’s clear that the only way to remedy the mess you’ve created is to bid you adieu in the next election. Your legacy as the epitome of what’s wrong with politics today is already etched in stone. Time’s up, buddy.

Written by Staff Reports

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