Leftists Duped Again: Gaza Famine Crisis Proved Fake, Biden Duped!

Gaza’s Imaginary Crisis: Another Bust for the Leftists

So, the “imminent famine” in Gaza never quite materialized. Surprise, surprise. This tall tale was nothing more than a piece of Hamas propaganda, gobbled up hook, line, and sinker by leftists, media outlets, and the ever-clueless Biden administration. Yet again, the narrative crumbled under scrutiny, leaving the usual suspects with egg on their faces. 


Hamas sure knows how to play their audience. They spun a story about an impending humanitarian catastrophe, knowing full well that the liberal media and progressive politicians would amplify their message without a second thought. Never mind checking the facts – that might get in the way of a juicy, clickbait headline.

Once again, the Democrats and their media buddies have proven they can’t resist a good sob story, even if it’s fiction. The supposed famine became the latest cause célèbre for virtue signaling politicians, eager to show how “compassionate” they are. Meanwhile, actual investigative journalists revealed there was no shortage of food – just a surplus of exaggeration.

The real question is why anyone still takes these claims at face value. Given Hamas’s track record, believing their propaganda is like expecting a fair game from a rigged carnival booth. Yet, the Biden administration and its allies continue to fall for these ploys, showing either staggering naivety or a willful ignorance designed to push their own political agendas.

Ultimately, the non-crisis in Gaza serves as a stark reminder: don’t believe everything you read, especially if it’s served up by groups and media sources with a history of bending the truth. If only the left could learn this lesson, perhaps they’d save themselves a lot of embarrassing retractions down the road.

Written by Staff Reports

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