Biden’s B-Day: Media Showers Advice & Wishes on Prez

Cheers to the birthday of President Biden! The press could not contain their excitement regarding it. The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal jokingly speculated that Biden might savor his dessert in private with his family, hoping no one would notice. "Biden's 81st birthday highlights biggest liability for 2024" and "Joe Biden turns 81 years old; running for re-election in his condition is an act of profound selfishness" are additional headlines from the past forty-eight hours. It appears that nobody is in the mood to celebrate at this time.

Additionally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is generating considerable attention. He has established a microsite known as with the intention of exposing the true nature of his rival Republican candidate, Nikki Haley. Haley has reportedly supported liberal causes and is not the conservative she professes to be, as stated by the DeSantis campaign. It is their conviction that Republican electors have a right to be informed of the truth regarding her prior to reaching any conclusions.

Haley's campaign, not one to remain mute, responded angrily to DeSantis. They reported that the DeSantis campaign is in a bleak financial situation, with a $100 million burn rate and declining poll numbers. Additionally, they highlighted Haley's recent $10 million advertising investment, the multitude of endorsements she has received in Iowa, and encouraging popularity poll results. It appears that Haley's campaign is quite optimistic regarding her prospects.

Additionally, this year's Thanksgiving dinner preparations were simplified by the availability of dinner-to-go orders. The Today program, Country Living, and Good Housekeeping have all compiled lists of the top restaurants for ordering Thanksgiving dinners to go. Boston Market, Trader Joe's, and Popeyes are among the numerous establishments from which to choose. Spending less and saving more money while still savoring a delectable holiday meal is an excellent plan.

In response to the increasing prevalence of loneliness, the World Health Organization has established a novel Commission on Social Connection. The commission, which will be presided over by African Union Youth Envoy Chido Mpemba and U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, will work to address loneliness as a health hazard and prioritize social connection. Their objective is to examine the impact of social connections on health improvement and devise strategies for establishing larger-scale social connections.

A final finding of a recent CNN/University of New Hampshire survey is that 52% of probable Republican primary voters in New Hampshire have made up their minds regarding their candidate for the forthcoming primary. The campaign appears to be intensifying, with candidates competing for their support.


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